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Researchers from Oxford University say they have made a breakthrough in developing smart glasses for people with severe sight loss.

According to BBC the glasses enhance images of nearby people and objects on to the lenses, providing a much clearer sense of surroundings.

These smart glasses are fitted with a specially adapted 3D camera. The images are processed by computer and projected in real-time on to the lenses - so people and objects nearby become bright and clearly defined.

The headset is still substantial, and connected by cable to a laptop in a backpack. But the researchers are confident in time they can be made the size of normal glasses.

Eventually, they say, they could be available for the cost of a mobile phone.
They will start making an initial batch of 100 sets later this year, which will be offered to blind and partially sighted people to use in their daily lives. If that goes well they will start to produce larger numbers over the next couple of years.

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